The Autumn

This morning I woke up to a sound of dancing leaves.
The freshness of the upcoming autumn made my soul smile and breathe.
I wished you were here to share it with me…


I wish I had told you before,
But words cannot explain,
How important you were,
I am not forgetful,
These feelings still remain,
Each time I think of you,
I am truly thankful,
For what I’ve become,
Little things you’ve done,
That made me stronger,
You gave me love,
I see you shine,
Forever in the sky,
Even though you’re gone,
You've never left my heart.


My voice has been heard,
Like a bird, I let it out of cage,
It filled air with no void,
Flying freely and happily,
Set to never come back,
To its original place.

Column of Light

There’s a vein inside of me, through which blood flows,
So much red, hot and vital,
And it flows like a river, in one direction only,
There’s a column inside of me, through which light shines
So ardently, vividly and goldenly,
And like stars, at night is seen only,
There’s a life inside of me, through which curiosity governs
So hungrily, restlessly, and unbrokenly,
And like a particle of universe, is felt only.

Fired Up

Please, look at the fire,
Crawling under my skin,
Rushing through my veins,
Flaming my bones,
Take me as I am,
Before I turn into ash,
I can wait no longer, 
Now I feel is the time,
Please, forgive my interruption,
Of the way you’ve known so far,
I know it’s different,
But, doesn’t it feel good,
And out of space,
Please, look at my eyes,
Tell me if you see the real me,
That is a reflection of your soul,
If not, I shall remove myself,
And suffer quietly and painfully,
Because only you,
Can bring feeling of warmth,
That makes sense finally.

Groans of the Past

As I sit here, physically present, my thoughts travel without delay...
Ah, that bitterness, I feel it, melts like lava and captures all my senses...
I cannot resist to these powerful forces of undergrounds,
Which drag me strongly to maelstrom of unrest,
I sink and fall into despair of hopelessness,
And on the way to blackness of in-depth past,
Shall it ever appear out of blue,
That beam of illusions, happiness and smiles,
The moment that will suppress
Groans of the Past...

Love Being

Lil by lil she becomes
A more open
To embrace livingness
Of her desirousness
To want and please
What she feels
At night
When it’s dark
Does her mind
Evoke a spark
Going deeply
Touching strictly
A beat of heart
Traveling faster
Understanding better
Her surreal part


In the endless quest for something,
Throughout the wholeness of my being
I realized, 
What do  from clear sky I really need,
Since the beginning of time
What makes a fortune for a man
Is there,
Throughout the strength of my mind
I felt,
The silence and the noise,
Throughout the beat of my heart
I heard,
A melody of free birds,
Throughout the spirit of my livingness
I reached, 
The happiness and the sorrowness